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Concluding conferences of the „Mapping and Assessing Ecosystem Services in Natura 2000 sites of the Niraj – Târnava Mică” region

How is nature contributing to our development?

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What is the way forward?

Our new publication is available now. We recommend this short summary to anyone who feels concerned about the future of the Niraj-Târnava Mică region, or would like to see real alternatives for the conservation of natural assets and would like to make a difference in the region through their conscious decisions.

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Where are we in terms of services provided by nature?

Whizzing of pines, the silence of the forests, the beauty of the landscape, the fresh water of the springs, the healing power of herbs, the sweetness of honey, many kind of voices of birds, bathing on unregulated riversides, gardening on good quality lands. Who wouldn’t be happy, to whom wouldn’t be important these ecosystem s ervices?

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Imagine 2040!

Imagine a new world on the same lands.

Your instinct would tell you, that things have changed; children have grown up and are the same age as you while reading these lines, and live in an everchanging world. It is warmer, the weather is unpredictable with sudden changes (ex: strong storms), fall is warmer and the snow barely falls. The drought is longer, precipitation is scarce; climate change drastically affects people''s lives!

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What is common in climate change, CAP and demographic changes?

Climate change, the Common Agricultural Policy and demographic changes are the main factors identified as key drivers on influencing land use and ecosystem services in the Niraj – Tarnava Mica region. These drivers were identified by the Stakeholders Advisory Board (SAB) participantsin the ”Mapping and Assessing Ecosystem Services in Natura 2000 sites of the Niraj – Tarnava Mica region ” project.

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Workshop on habitats and their benefits at Erdőszentgyörgy, Romania

December 2015

Stakeholders from different sectors met at Erdőszentgyörgy, Romania, in the frames of the Niraj-MAES project in December 2015.

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Hay – another ecosystem service proposed by the local experts at the second Stakeholder Advisory Board meeting

On 29th September, 9 members of our Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) from diverse background (from the agriculture sector through local authorities to tourism sector) joined our expert team at the local level .

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Interviews on ecosystem services

During the Nyarad day and Kukullo day festivals, more than 300 people were asked by students about their preferences of ecosystem services. Water, local identity, tourism and protection against climate change received the top ranks.

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First stakeholder advisory board (SAB) meeting

Which are the most important Ecosystem Services in Niraj - Tarnava-Mica region?

The first SAB (Stakeholder Advisory Board) meeting in Târgu Mureș brought interesting results: Locals see great – yet unexploited - potentials in tourism as an ecosystem service.

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Start of the Niraj-MAES project

Milvus Group, together with Centre for Ecological Research of The Hungrian Academy of Sciences and CEEweb for Biodiversity launched a project to map and assess ecosystems and their services in the Natura 2000 sites of the Niraj-Tarnava-Mica region. The results of the research will be published in a study which will focus on the connections between ecosystem services and the different economic sectors.

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Check out our brand new t-shirt

Our new t-shirt has been designed with a touch of a bee!

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