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The project activities are built up in the following main structure: data collection, assessment of ecosystem services and dissemination of results.

Data and information collection on ecosystem services as well as understanding the region will enable us to set the base. We collect data to understand the general socio-economic and environmental characteristics of the area, the related policy background, the environment and habitats condition and the relevant stakeholder groups. To achieve this, we carry out statistical data and policy analysis and we identify relevant stakeholders by field surveys and interviews.

Data collection will enable us to set the base and to see a general socio-economic picture of the area, what ecosystem services are existent on the area and how the local populations perceive them and value them. To achieve this, we carry out a statistical data analysis on basic socio-economic attributes like population, employment and key incomes. We conduct several field surveys and interviews of key stakeholders and we organise participatory workshops.

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For the assessment of ecosystem services and their contribution, we screen how policies have adopted ecosystem services already and we establish a baseline ecosystem map to see what we have in the region. We also identify what ecosystem services really provide and how we can quantify them exactly. With the involvement of locals, we will develop scenarios to see how locals perceive ecosystem services in the future. Based on the priorities of the locals and the scientific data, we will compile policy recommendations to integrate ecosystem services into decision-making - at regional, national and EU level and also the sectorial level.

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To make sure that our results will reach the right audience, we will carry out extensive communication and awareness raising work including organising events, workshops, press conferences and online media as well as targeting our key stakeholders and sector with specific communication for them.

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